Father with face tattoo says people call him a "bad dad" because of his ink

Staffordshire, UK - Luke Morrison-Williams first went under the needle in 2009, getting himself the face tattoo, inspired by heavyweight champion Mike Tyson's famous inking, that he had always wanted.

Luke Morrison-Williams has been called a "bad dad" due to his face tattoo.
Luke Morrison-Williams has been called a "bad dad" due to his face tattoo.  © Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/@SirLukeWilliams

The father, who works with people battling addiction and homelessness, has been judged by people ever since getting the face ink. Yet, despite constantly being called unemployable, he has managed to prove the haters wrong.

Luke has faced criticism and discrimination due to his body art to an extent he had not expected when he first got the face tat. In many cases, he has been excluded from venues and clinics, The Mirror reports.

But he believes that his look actually helps him at work, as he often deals with people who "gravitate towards me because they see me as more equal than someone in a shirt and tie."

Face-tatted dad has found success despite claims he is a "bad" father because of his unique look

Luke explained that his face tattoo is just an extension of the many other inkings that dot his body. Yet, he has had far more pushback about his face tat than about any of them, with people often looking at him as if he'd "mug them."

"I've not been allowed into pubs or served because of the way I look, and I get stared and pointed at quite often, even in supermarkets, " Luke explained, per The Mirror. "Elderly people look at me like I'll mug them."

In 2015, Luke won a custody battle for his now 19-year-old daughter. Having won the case, he found that many people were surprised that the judge had given someone who looked like him custody of a child.

"When I got full custody, people think, 'why would a judge give you custody' - they say how bad must the mom have been for you to have full custody."

"It seems to be a big opinion out there that if you've got a face tattoo, you're unemployable - but it's just a bit of ink on your face."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/@SirLukeWilliams

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