Heavily-tatted man who spent $10K on ink tattoos his genitals

Manchester, UK - Ray Houghton has spent more than $10K on his extraordinary collection of tattoos. Now, the Manchester bodybuilder is being bombarded by fans who want to see his inked genitals.

Ray Houghton is completely covered in tattoos – and we truly mean completely.
Ray Houghton is completely covered in tattoos – and we truly mean completely.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@raygym2

With more than 34 tattoo sessions tucked into his pocket, it would come as a surprise to no one that Ray Houghton is hardly squeamish when it comes to the pain of an inking session.

Yet, there was one session that had Houghton cringing when he described it to The Mirror. According to the bodybuilder, who goes by @raygym2 on Instagram, the penis tattoo he had done five years ago was the absolute worst.

Houghton described having to wrap his genitals around a rolling pin while it was being tattooed. Apparently, his testicles swelled to "four times their normal size," and without anesthetic, he had to sit through the whole thing.

Despite the pain of his genital tattoos, Ray Houghton has no regrets

According to the father and bodybuilder from Manchester, who released a (censored) video of the penis-tattooing process back in 2019, he gets constantly harassed by fans who want to see his unusual piece of decoration.

"I feel like a celebrity, and I love people staring at me," Houghton said, the Mirror reports. "I probably get 30 messages a day on Facebook from people asking to see my penis tattoo, though it's mainly men!"

"I'm now about 95% covered. I absolutely love all my tattoos, it's the best decision I ever made."

In a post shared a few days ago, Houghton shared the extent of his remarkable journey, saying, "I've gone from this to this, within 8 years." It seems, though, that few pieces will ever beat the one down below.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@raygym2

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