Ink addict Remy shows off touching tattoo tribute to late father

Lethbridge, Canada - Despite having hundreds of tattoos and body modifications coating more than 90% of his body, one particular piece is more important to Remy than any other.

Remy had "Life must go on" tattooed in tribute to his late father.
Remy had "Life must go on" tattooed in tribute to his late father.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

In a heartfelt post on Remy's Instagram channel, where he goes by @ephemeral_remy, the Canadian tattoo artist and ink addict shared not only one of his most personal tattoos, but the meaning behind it.

The artwork – four simple words which read "Life must go on" curved above his right ear – is shown on one side fresh and still a little bit red, and on the other matured and surrounded by new tattoos.

He explained in the post that the tattoo was dedicated to his late father, who took his own life nine years ago. In tribute, he apparently shares the picture every year.

Remy's most touching tattoo the words of his late father

Remy explained that his father struggled with mental health issues and "self-doubt" before he died.

The tasteful tribute also matches the same design Remy's mother got last year.

In one of his last conversations with his father, Remy explains that "he told me he wanted to get 'life must go on' tattooed; it was the title of one of his father songs by @officialalterbridge."

"A few shorts weeks after he passed away, I got those words tattooed for him... I share this story every year in loving memory of the father dearly missed, life must go on."

"There are many tattoos I've covered up, but this one I'm taking to the grave for the both of us."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

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