Tattoo-obsessed Aleksandra Jasmin has only one place left to ink

Pori, Finland - Body art enthusiast Aleksandra Jasmin has tattooed nearly 99% of her body. Despite being well and truly used to the pain, there's one spot that she's still fearful of having inked up.

Aleksandra Jasmin has covered 99% of her skin in tattoos.
Aleksandra Jasmin has covered 99% of her skin in tattoos.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@aleksandrajasmin

After seeing her parents' tattoos, Jasmin became fascinated by body-art at a young age. When she was 9 years old, she decided that someday she would get a face tattoo - in the end, though, she went a lot further.

Today, Jasmin admits that she's addicted to getting tattoos because they make her feel more comfortable with herself.

Aleksandra Jasmin's extreme tattoo journey to "feel more like me"

In an interview for the Truly web series Hooked On The Look, Jasmin admitted that her addiction stemmed from self acceptance, saying "I feel more like me when my skin color is whatever I want it to be."

Flash forward to the age of 30, and Jasmin has 99% of her body covered with ink, including her face.

Rather than seeing her tattoos as individual, stand-alone pieces, she views them as one, cohesive body of work that she's very close to completing. However, fear has kept her away from the needle.

Though Jasmin loves the end result, she's not a fan of the process – especially when it comes to the pain.

Aleksandra Jasmin is yet to have one spot tattooed

The last area that Aleksandra Jasmin has left to tattoo is her inner thigh. It's an area Jasmin's been scared to have done, despite having endured multiple face tattoos - something her husband talked her into pursuing.

While she has wanted face tattoos basically her entire life, she admits that she was a "wuss" about getting them. This changed when she met her now-husband.

Since they linked up, the pair have pushed each other to level up their face tattoo game one bit at a time.

Aleksandra Jasmin has the support of family for her tattoo transformation

As the source of her inspiration, her mom fully approves of the art Jasmin has crafted all over her body, even if she's a little biased.

She told Truly: "I love them all. I can't see them when I'm looking at her. I look at my daughter, not those tattoos. It's very good if the first tattoo on your face, you write 'mother' here."

At this point in the video, Jasmin proudly points to a tattoo on her forehead that reads "Äiti", the Finnish word for "mother."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@aleksandrajasmin

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