Woman's fast and painless needle-free tattooing method leaves fans stunned

For many, getting a tattoo might be something they want, but also something too intimidating to seriously consider. Luckily, tech influencer Liana has discovered a device that has the internet talking.

TikToker Liana showed off a cool and innovative new tattooing device.
TikToker Liana showed off a cool and innovative new tattooing device.  © Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@artandplanstudio

Boasting tens of thousands of followers on her TikTok page, where she shares tech reviews and goes by @artandplanstudio, Liana has shown off many quirky and unusual devices over the years.

As a non-tattooed influencer, you wouldn't have thought to see Liana wading into the world of ink art, yet in a recent TikTok video, she did just that, showing off a unique new device that has her fans – and the internet as a whole – buzzing.

Taking to her favorite social media platform, Liana showed off a $329 temporary tattoo gun made by Prinker and sent her community into a frenzy of excitement.

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As she discussed the device, Liana explained, "I actually don't have any tattoos, so I'm really hyped about trying this gadget out for the first time," before testing various designs.

When using the device, Liana is able to choose from a variety of pre-prepared designs, or even make her own. The tattoo gun is basically a printer, applying a layer of ink to the skin.

TikToker reveals crazy temporary tattoo device

It doesn't use a needle, instead spraying the ink in your desired design and providing a light and temporary tattoo that can be washed off with soap and water once you are sick of it.

Having seen the device, her fans kicked into high gear and started looking into the device themselves, drawing the attention of the internet. Many people were impressed with the temporary tats, asking all sorts of questions.

"I also wanted to try it on my face, so after I failed not one but three times, finally I did it," explained Liana. "Of course, it takes practice to use it, and eventually you'll get there and can create beautiful temporary tattoos."

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Does this excite you? If you have been left excited by the idea of a temporary tattoo printer, you can easily pick up the Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Device for only a few hundred bucks.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@artandplanstudio

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