Don't vote hangry! Pizza to the Polls brings sustenance to voters in long lines

USA - The lines to cast your ballot are long but you don't have to stand there grumbling with your tummy rumbling. This non-profit organization will bring free pizza and snacks to polling locations.

Pizza to the Polls wants to make voters' waits more delicious.
Pizza to the Polls wants to make voters' waits more delicious.  © 123RF/Olga Yastremska

Positive reinforcement works wonders and there's nothing better than getting an extra treat for doing the right thing.

Since early voting began, long lines in front of polling places have been a regular feature all over the USA. Many of the millions of early voters have had to wait for hours on end to cast their ballots. 

But there are also some non-profit organizations out there who are working hard to make voting a fun positive experience. 

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One group  brought music to a crowded polling station and got those waiting in line to do the cha cha slide in Philly. In the meantime, Feed the Polls is bringing voters in line healthy meals. And another organization is also aiming to keep voters from casting a hangry vote by giving them free pizza.

Pizza to the Polls is non-profit and non-partisan. Its volunteers stand by to deliver snacks and pizza to voters and other people working at polling locations in at least 29 cities across the US. These include Dallas, New York, and Philadelphia, among many others.

According to their website, they want to make "democracy delicious by delivering free food for all to polling places with long lines." 

Anyone who sees a long voting line can order the voters pizza

The initiative was created in 2016 and was also active in the 2018 midterm elections. It runs on donations and so far this year, it has given away 9,740 pizzas, according to its website. 

Anyone that sees queuing at a polling location can request pizzas be sent there. All they have to do is report a line and send a picture on the organization's website.

According to Time magazine, Pizza to the Polls fed over 51,000 people on Saturday alone. Program director Amirah Noaman said, "People are willing to wait quite a long time to cast their ballot, and we want to be able to do a small part in making sure that they’re fed.” 

If the pizza makes you crave something sweet, you can also take your "I Voted" sticker to a Krispy Kreme shop on November 3. Flashing your civic duty badge you will get you a free classic glazed donut.

So remember, you don't have to be hangry while you wait to vote! And if you see a long line at a polling location you can help make someone's voting experience a little more satisfying by reporting it and getting pizza there today.

Cover photo: 123RF/Olga Yastremska

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