COP26: Glasgow Climate Pact, tears, and anger close out Day 13

Glasgow, UK - Despite claims of a successful COP26 climate summit, many delegates were moved to tears, not by ambitious new agreements, but by frustration and anger at a watered-down pact on climate action.

That's all, folks.
That's all, folks.  © imago/Xinhua

Saturday marked the official end of the UN's COP26 climate conference.

Although it was expected to be a turning point in the fight against global warming, the final day at the COP26 climate summit has very little to show for an extra day of negotiations.

The Glasgow Climate Pact, the official UN document that was finalized after 13 days of talks, is the compromise-ridden, weak agreement that dashed the hopes of many of the delegates who had called for greater action.

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The Pact does include new agreements that say fossil fuels are causing climate change, and pledges to standardize the carbon offset market.

However, the meat of the climate summit was figuring out how to end fossil fuel use, and make good on 2015 Paris Agreement promises to start funding developing nations with $100 billion per year.

Those key issues found no ambitious or binding agreement at the summit, and the finalized Pact even includes last-minute changes from India which weaken the language on phasing out fossil fuels.

Greta Thunberg hit the nail on the head when she said, "The #COP26 is over. Here's a brief summary: Blah, blah, blah."

Even as anger boils up amongst participants and activists who had hoped for real climate action, Thunberg had a determined message for those who are still fighting climate change, tweeting that "the real work continues outside these halls. And we will never give up, ever."

Another COP has come and gone without meaningful, radical pledges and concrete agreements. Now it's time to "get busy" as Obama said, and "vote the issue".

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