NASA announces winners of race to supply new space suits

Houston, Texas - After a year-long tendering process, NASA has announced that new spacesuits for its astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) will be designed by the firms Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace.

NASA astronauts on board the ISS will soon be wearing a new generation of spacesuits.
NASA astronauts on board the ISS will soon be wearing a new generation of spacesuits.  © NASA

"This is a historic moment for us," Johnson Space Center director Vanessa Wyche said at a news conference in Houston, Texas on Wednesday. "History will be made in these suits."

The spacesuits currently worn by NASA astronauts on the ISS are rapidly becoming outdated, with incidents of water accumulating in helmets on space walks causing some serious concerns.

The development of new spacesuits has been planned for some time, but the process has been beset by various problems and delays.

The new suits may be ready for initial testing as early as 2025 and are intended for use by NASA astronauts on the Artemis mission, which will land US astronauts on the moon again for the first time since the early 1970s, and ultimately, on NASA's first manned mission to Mars.

Axiom Space said its spacesuits "will provide astronauts with advanced capabilities for space exploration while providing NASA commercially developed human systems needed to access, live, and work in microgravity and on and around the Moon."

"The new suits were designed by astronauts for astronauts and offer enhanced mobility and weigh less than the current generation spacesuits, allowing for increased mission times," Collins Aerospace wrote in a press release.

Cover photo: NASA

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