Aaron Donald faces assault accusations after a scuffle outside Pittsburgh nightclub

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Defensive end Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams, might be in some legal trouble after a local Pittsburgh attorney sought criminal charges against the All-Pro football star on Wednesday.

Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Donald.
Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Donald.  © IMAGO / Icon SMI

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted attorney Todd J. Hollis, who claims his client, De'Vincent Spriggs, was assaulted by Aaron Donald (29) outside a local nightclub.

The incident allegedly took place at a place called the Boom Boom Room, during the early-morning hours of this past Sunday.

Hollis says that his client accidentally bumped into Donald inside the establishment, sparking an altercation in which both parties were asked to leave. Once outside the club, Donald is accused of punching Spriggs, along with some accomplices who remained unnamed.

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Spriggs' attorney also states that information regarding the alleged attack was given to the Pittsburgh Police Department, also on Wednesday. The police department said that detectives are reviewing the complaint and video footage obtained from the club, and have been in contact with the local District Attorney's office in terms of considering any potential charges.

The Rams released a statement themselves explaining that they are aware of the incident, adding that they are "collecting more information and will have no further comment at this time."

The NFL stated it would "look into the matter to understand the facts" and had no further comments.

Aaron Donald is a six-time NFL All-Pro, seven-time Pro Bowler, and three-time Defensive Player of the year, having just won his third award this past February.

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