Apple teases great new releases for its spring launch event

Cupertino, California - After getting chic, colorful invites from the tech giant, Apple enthusiasts are musing at what hidden product specs will be revealed at the Spring 2021 event.

Apple is famously tight-lipped about product releases.
Apple is famously tight-lipped about product releases.  © Screenshot/

Looks like we are in for an interesting spring. Apple is famous for loading invitations to their events with new product hints, and the latest logo is bursting with fresh colors and a lot of energy.

9to5Mac speculates that the event will bring more updates to the existing product lines. This will likely translate to faster chips for the iPad line, bringing them up to par with the M1 chipset upgrade Macs got recently.

Rumors abound that Apple's desktop iMacs are expected to be retooled after the classic model was pulled, but that announcement may not come until one of the Fall 2021 release events.

However, the "Spring Loaded" theme may also indicate that this year's offering is going to include some new products that have long been in the works.

The word has been out for ages that a cost-effective iPad will drop in 2021, but what fans may finally get to see are AirTags, the Bluetooth Apple tracking devices set to rival Tile trackers.

Covid-19 has caused some snags in Apple production

This year's spring Apple release won't be held live due to Covid-19 precautions . (Stock image)
This year's spring Apple release won't be held live due to Covid-19 precautions . (Stock image)  © 123RF/boggy22

And for those who can't get through the day without their AirPods, the best-selling ear buds are set to get a makeover.

More valuable to enthusiasts than aesthetic changes (and we do hope the Touch Bar is on the way out) would be the physical return of MagSafe charging, ideally with options for left or right side charging.

According to Bloomberg, it is likely that new iPad Pro models will finally get long-awaited Thunderbolt capabilities.

The 12.9-inch variant is said to feature a mini-LED display for the first time along with 5G, while the smaller 11-inch version will have an improved chipset. Coronavirus-related production delays with the high-end display mean the 12.9-inch version won't hit the market until later in the year.

A new AppleTV could also be announced to round out the offering. New iPhones are traditionally announced later in the year.

The first event of this year will be broadcast April 20 at 1 PM ET on Apple's website and YouTube channel.

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