Are iSocks on the way? Apple secures patent for new "smart fashion" idea

Cupertino, California - Forget being a smarty-pants: Apple has secured a patent for smart socks which may make a new garment the sharpest item of clothing around.

Could Apple sell iSocks in their stores (stock image)?
Could Apple sell iSocks in their stores (stock image)?  © IMAGO / ZUMA Wire & 123RF/lightfieldstudios (collage)

From smart watches to smart cars, tech giant Apple has pushed the envelope on developing gadgets.

Now, the company is continuing the trend by recently securing a patent that includes remote-controlled clothing and a new idea for footwear.

Called Haptic Output Devices, Apple's socks could give the wearer a greater connection with their electronics.

The apparel would immerse a user in augmented reality and make them feel like they are in a virtual world, according to Apple Insider.

The user might feel like they are in motion and in new landscapes, even though they are actually sitting in one place. So now, a gamer could get the sensation that they are ice skating or surfing without ever leaving their couch.

While no confirmation for iSocks has been announced yet, Apple hopes that more research about smart clothing will allow it to be combined with other equipment, like virtual reality goggles, to fully stimulate the senses.

Developers even think that by using one's toes to put pressure on different parts of the socks, users could eventually control their computers or smartphones solely from their feet.

So instead of having the world at your fingertips, perhaps the way of the future is having everything at your toes!

Cover photo: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire & 123RF/lightfieldstudios (collage)

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