Are you kidney me? NFTs get even weirder with new collection from king of body horror

Canada - Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) often mean garbage art and shady scams, but a new collection of kidney stone pics from a body horror director takes things to a rocky new low.

Cronenberg wants to sell you a digital token of his kidney stones.
Cronenberg wants to sell you a digital token of his kidney stones.  © Collage: REUTERS, Screenshot/Instagram/

Famous director David Cronenberg decided to hop on the NFT hype-train with his brand-new collection of kidney stone pics, titled Inner Beauty. The project is two years in the making, since Cronenberg collected his art in a pill bottle, and is now ready to immortalize the stones as tokens.

That's right: people can pay 10 Ethereum to reserve a kidney stone NFT, which means they are going to shell out around $2,800.

An image previewing the collection shows off a set of rock-like little chunks, with some looking like dead sea urchins and others more like gems. The whole collection is hosted on SuperRare, one of many online marketplaces for people to snag the "art" that celebrities and artists put up for sale.

"For me, the whole NFT thing induces a wonderful philosophical investigation of what the reality of art is," Cronenberg told SuperRare's Collin Frazier.

As lofty as that sounds, the marketplace for tokens is still a risky and unregulated place, where grifters and scammers do their best to take advantage of people who are trying to make money investing in NFTs.

And these tokens depend on energy-hungry blockchain tech, which is to blame for resurrecting old, polluting fossil fuel-fired power plants.

Non-Fungible Tokens have dropped in popularity, but celebrities and big brands are still trying to get on the tech's hype-train before it completely loses steam.

Cover photo: Collage: REUTERS, Screenshot/Instagram/

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