Woman washing car with gasoline shocks onlookers: "That's not water!"

Internet - A woman caught on camera washing her car with gasoline has sent TikTok into overdrive, as people scramble to comprehend how such a mistake could happen.

Onlookers scrambled to stop a lady washing her car with petrol.
Onlookers scrambled to stop a lady washing her car with petrol.  © Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@ds18_aaron

TikTok user @ds18_aaron probably didn't expect this shocking encounter with a woman washing her car with gasoline at a rural gas station. She was probably equally surprised by just how crazy viral her video went.

In the multipart video, a woman can be seen giving her car a wash with the use of gasoline, in a mood that was equal parts dangerous, shocking, and stupid.

She can be seen using her bare hands to scrub the scuffed mirrors and windows, while onlookers scrambled to notify the service station attendant and stop her from doing something that could potentially have been fatal.

Onlookers and viewers react to woman washing car with gasoline

The person behind the camera in the video can be heard telling their passenger to go and get the service station attendant. Presumably, this was in an attempt to get the gas supply cut off.

It's still not clear why the person holding the camera chose to record the incident rather than actively stop the woman from doing what she was doing. After all, it seemed that the woman was washing her car with gasoline out of ignorance rather than malice.

TikTok commenters were a little more forgiving, though, and instead chose to attack the woman for her dangerous mistake. One wrote: "She must have Covid-19 if she can't smell that it's gas."

Another said, "Leave her alone, that car belongs to her cheating husband, she knows what she's doing!"

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@ds18_aaron

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