CES 2022 Highlights: Samsung's new projector is made for TikTok

Las Vegas, Nevada - Samsung has announced The Freestyle at the CES 2022 tech show, showing off a nifty FHD projector whose main feature will probably confuse anyone over 30: It points upwards.

The Freestyle projector is light and small enough to go just about anywhere.
The Freestyle projector is light and small enough to go just about anywhere.  © Samsung

Like many modern projectors, The Freestyle is a mobile LED projector, loudspeaker, and Smart TV all in one - except that this one is built mainly for the TikTok generation.

Samsung’s The Freestyle looks like a bit like a theater spotlight and is about the size of a portable speaker. What sets it apart is that it can be rotated by 180 degrees, allowing you to cast content onto whatever surface you like - wall, ceiling or floor.

Set to smart speaker mode, the device analyses the sound to produce synchronized visual effects you can project across the room.

Connected to a smartphone, the 830-gram device can project all kinds of content, from photos to social media posts, films or light effects adapted to the music you're playing.

Automatic focusing and image adjustment should always ensure the right settings, and the projector can manage images sizes up to 100 inches diagonal.

Although you can power it from a socket like normal projectors, you can also run it from a power bank, meaning you don't have to be near a plug, or even indoors.

However, The Freestyle can't hit stellar values for brightness or volume. Samsung says that the device is made to "adapt to the changing lifestyles of its users," meaning it's more about flexibility than creating the perfect home cinema.

Perfect for TikToks

You can point the Freestyle up, down, and all around.
You can point the Freestyle up, down, and all around.  © Collage: Samsung

The Freestyle also comes with Samsung's latest Smart TV platform. In other words, meaning it's best for streaming TikTok videos from your phone, but can also handle a movie night.

The projector will be available in select markets from mid-February at a price of 999 euros.

Samsung’s rival LG has also launched a mobile TV targeting Gen Z. The "LG StanbyME" – letter intentionally missing – is a screen mounted on a stand, which makes it look a bit like a floor lamp. Its built-in battery runs for three hours, according to LG.

Samsung also says it wants future TVs to rotate into a vertical format, so they can cater to the TikTok style of looking at videos.

Samsung's Freestyle is a simple, light, voice-activated projector with built-in battery, but such high-end tech comes with a steep price.

Cover photo: Samsung

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