Is your Twitch account at risk after the latest data leak?

San Francisco, California - The source code that runs the gamer streaming platform Twitch has been circulating the web for days, with the mass of leaked data said to include the earnings of the platform's entertainers.

Twitch, the gaming and streaming platform, suffered a huge data breach on Wednesday.
Twitch, the gaming and streaming platform, suffered a huge data breach on Wednesday.  © IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

But does this leak also impact everyday viewers, too?

For now, the Amazon-owned company has given the all-clear, as at the moment there are no indications that user account login data was disclosed.

Full credit card numbers are not stored anyway, Twitch has said.

However, the company has by no means concluded its investigations into the incident. And for good reason: security experts believe that further data could have been stolen and published online.

Last week, a user of the murky social media platform 4chan posted a torrent link said to be the platform's source code in its entirety.

Twitch later confirmed the leak.

It's likely that hackers will now take a close look at the published source code in order to seek out security flaws and use them to attack the platform, which has grown from a site for watching gamers play and talk, to a major streaming hub for all kinds of topics from cooking to live music.

That's why it certainly wouldn't hurt users to change their Twitch password now in order to avoid losing account access information later.

To effectively protect yourself from possible future attacks, you should also activate two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Twitch account.

With 2FA, attackers can't log in to your account, even if they have stolen your password. They would simply lack a second access code – which only you can get on your smartphone.

So protect yourself, and get going on that two-step!

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