Amazon workers in Staten Island will get a union election!

New York, New York - Amazon workers in Staten Island will hold a union election at the end of March – at the same time as Bessemer, Alabama votes in its own unionization effort!

Amazon workers and allies in New York rally in support of a union.
Amazon workers and allies in New York rally in support of a union.  © Screenshot/Twitter/Amazon Labor Union

Christian Smalls, a former Amazon employee and leader of the unionization campaign in Staten Island, announced the dates of their election to be March 25-30.

Ballots for the Alabama election, a redo after the NLRB ruled Amazon had engaged in unfair labor practices during the first vote, have already gone out to employees. The ballots are due back to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on March 25, with counting set to begin on March 28.

In the New York case, the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) had gathered enough signatures for an election, the NLRB ruled in January. ALU representatives reportedly reached an agreement with the company over the details of that vote just before a planned NLRB hearing on Wednesday.

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After the Staten Island decision was announced, Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel told the New York Times, "We want our employees to have their voices heard as soon as possible," but said the company still doubts whether the all the signatures were legitimate.

"Our employees have always had a choice of whether or not to join a union," she continued, "and our focus remains on working directly with our team to make Amazon a great place to work."

Nevertheless, Amazon apparently wasted no time in texting employees telling them to "vote NO" on the union – a move that seems to contradict their official statement.

Despite the pushback, organizers are keeping their eyes on the goal: "It’s up to the workers now," Smalls said. "We have the momentum. I have seen a very positive shift since we filed, and we are just hoping that we can keep that going."

Cover photo: Screenshot/Twitter/Amazon Labor Union

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