Donations pile up for San Francisco Uber driver assaulted by anti-mask passengers

San Francisco, California - Uber driver Subhakar Khadka was assaulted after asking passengers to put on masks, as per the company's policy. But Uber only offered him $120 to cover the damages to his car and lost earnings. That's when one of the company's first investors stepped in.

Subhakar Khadka was assaulted by three passengers for trying to enforce the company's mask policy.
Subhakar Khadka was assaulted by three passengers for trying to enforce the company's mask policy.  © collage: screenshot/DionLim/IMAGO/Belga

On Sunday evening, Khadka picked up three female passengers who had requested a ride through the app, but he could never have guessed what would happen next.

After trying to enforce the company's face mask policy, the women began to physically assault Khadka by ripping his mask off, hitting him, and spraying pepper spray in his direction and all throughout the car.

Uber initially offered the driver $20 to cover loss of wages and the cost of having his car detailed, but ended up raising the payment to $120. One of the company's first investors, Cyan Banister, felt this was a grossly negligent offer, so he started a GoFundMe for Khadka.

Banister doesn't believe the $120 compensation offer was anywhere near enough: "We will have Subhakar take possession of any funds raised in this campaign to help him with his living expenses while he is unable to work due to this trauma. With his inability to work, he will need these funds as soon as possible."

Khadka gets assaulted for complying with his company's policies

In Khadka's dash camera footage, the women can be seen tearing off his face mask, attempting to steal his phone, repeatedly hitting him, and eventually pepper spraying the man – all for politely asking them to put masks on. The women didn't stop there.

After offering to bring them to a gas station where they could purchase masks, the women began verbally harassing Khadka, saying things like "you're about to get beat the f*** up", and coughing directly on him while declaring "f*** the mask!"

Since the video made the rounds across social media and news outlets, Uber responded with a tweet, saying: "The behavior seen in the video is appalling. The rider no longer has access to Uber."

The company and the San Francisco Police Department are both investigation the situation.

Lyft, a competitor of Uber's, shared that it had also blocked the user from its app.

Meanwhile, Banister's GoFundMe for Khadka has shattered its $20,000 goal: over 2,500 donors have pitched in to raise an incredible $54,475 for the driver!

Cover photo: collage: screenshot/DionLim/IMAGO/Belga

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