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What is the latest financial news?
What is the latest financial news?  © 123RF/dolgachov

The old saying goes that "Money makes the world go around", and it's not far from the truth. Here at TAG24 you will find the latest in Financial and Money related News.

From the latest goings on in the financial markets, news on surplus and deficit, inflation and recession, to absurd and entertaining stories about money, TAG24 has you covered. Is Wall Street in meltdown? Let's hope not...

Has someone lost a large sum of money, is there a lot of counterfeit money in circulation? Has large-scale financial theft been exposed by the authorities? Stick to this page for all the latest Money News, scandal, finance-related celebrity gossip, and more.

Here at TAG24 our editors keep you up to date on current trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain. This page will also issue scam warnings for unsuspecting readers, and act as a platform on which you can pick up the latest and best tips on avoiding scams and rip-offs.

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Stick to TAG24 for the latest Financial & Money News from across the world, interesting stories, and guides on how to avoid financial scams.