Mother of two has designer vagina: "Some moms think I will steal their husbands"

London, UK - Tracy Kiss has claimed that other women are jealous of her looks and are afraid that she will steal their husbands.

Tracy Kiss, a mother of two, likes to show some skin.
Tracy Kiss, a mother of two, likes to show some skin.  © Screenshot/Instagram/tracykissdotcom

The 33-year-old Instagram influencer has invested a lot of money into her appearance. Speaking to Truly, Tracy opened up about all the procedures she's had done.

"I've had two eye surgeries, rhinoplasty, four breast augmentations, a labiaplasty and buttocks implants. Plastic is fantastic," the British influencer said.

Tracy has spent a total of 70,000 pounds, which is about $95,500, on her cosmetic surgeries. "Some mothers think I'm stealing their man or think I'm a porn star," Tracy said. She thinks that might be because of her labiaplasty or "designer vagina."

The whole surgery craze began when Tracy was only 18 years old and wanted to have an asymmetry in her breasts corrected. But she isn't done with beauty surgeries just yet. Now she wants to have her eyelids lifted or a blepharoplasty.

Tracy Kiss has to deal with a lot of backlash

Tracy says that she gets a lot of hateful comments about her appearance, things like: "'You're a mother why are you in hotpants doing a workout online. Put your body away, you're disgusting, you're ugly.'"

But the mother of two tries not to take the nasty statements to heart.

"Regardless of what people say, I will still do it because it's my choice...In doing what makes me happy, I'm them happier towards the children, I feel great, I live really positively, and I don't hurt other people, so I think everybody should live that," Tracy mused

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/tracykissdotcom

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