The Russian model get compared to Kim Kardashian, but she's "all natural"

Los Angeles, California - One look at Anastasiya Kvitko's Instagram page, and you'll be able to tell exactly why so many people refer to her as the Russian Kim Kardashian. Yet, she doesn't like the comparison.

Model Anastasia Kvitko claims that her body is 100% natural.
Model Anastasia Kvitko claims that her body is 100% natural.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@anastasiya_kvitko

It's not just the Anastasiya Kvitko's body that has won her a huge fan base, despite her revealing outfits leaving very little to the imagination. The tiny bikinis, sexy swimsuits, low-cut dresses, and skin-tight leggings she wears barely cover her generous curves.

Instead, it's her figure that provides fans with everything they love. With generous proportions, she has earned the unofficial title of being a "Russian Kim Kardashian".

This confident model doesn't think the comparison does her justice, though, and in an interview with The Sun from 2017, she said: "I like Kim Kardashian, but I don’t quite like being compared to her – she is far behind me."

"Russian Kim Kardashian" Anastasiya faces criticism over whether she's authentic

Born in the Kaliningrad Oblast region of Russia, Anastasiya moved to Miami a few years ago to become a model, but was initially told that she was "too fat" to make it. Jokes on them now, though, as she has quickly gained an extraordinary following on social media, and seen tremendous success.

She ended up having the last laugh, as photographers scrambled for the chance to work with her precisely because of her look, which she complements with incredibly revealing clothing. Now, she has almost 13 million followers on Instagram, where she goes as @anastasiya_kvitko.

Anastasia claims that she's never had plastic surgery in her life, unlike Kim Kardashian. She is one hundred percent natural, and keeps fit by eating healthy food and exercising regularly.

To Anastasiya, it is all about authenticity. As a result, she insists on keeping the editing of her photos to a minimum and never uses Photoshop. Everything has to be real, giving a level of realism to her snaps that is likely to be part of her appeal.

This sets her apart in a crowded field, and it has certainly been paying off, as the model's following continues to exponentially grow.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@anastasiya_kvitko

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