These adult models are going full throttle to start the new year right

Seattle, Washington - These two women are braving the winter cold and coronavirus lockdowns to deliver the content their fans want to see: Heidi Grey and Amber Alena are starting 2021 with a bang!

Amber Alena shows off her N-cups in a sexy bra.
Amber Alena shows off her N-cups in a sexy bra.  © Twitter/Screenshot/AmberAlenaXXX

2021 is looking to be a big year, if these two adult models have anything to say about it. They regularly spoil their fans on the internet with sexy content.

On Tuesday, Amber Alena posted a new video to her Twitter account in which she jiggles her large breasts. "Bouncing," the model captioned the clip of her prominent N-cups.

Amber's fans were beside themselves, commenting with countless heart emojis, likes, and compliments, including the following:

  • "Wow! What a bounce, you look so sexy and beautiful."
  • "You're a GODDESS... A work of art.... A masterpiece... A modern day Mona Lisa... So Gorgeous."
  • "You are so beautiful."
  • "I love you!"
  • "I would do anything to be with u i would change my name anything."

It isn't only Amber who is starting the new year off right! Her "colleague" Heidi Grey also knows the drill.

Heidi Grey spoils her fans with new sexy shots

Heidi Grey thrills fans by exposing her almost bare bottom.
Heidi Grey thrills fans by exposing her almost bare bottom.  © Instagram/Screenshot/heidi.grey

Heidi is really upping the ante! Each day of the new year, fans have enjoyed a new picture from the popular influencer – and the shots couldn't be sexier.

On Tuesday, she shared a picture to Instagram of herself leaning forward, exposing her nearly naked butt.

The title she invented for the post was just as provocative: "Let's go step bro get in the car dad's waiting for us."

One post a day was not enough for the cheeky influencer. In the evening, she added a few more pictures of herself – this time looking almost demure. Only her nipples poke through the soft fabric of her blouse.

Heidi received tens of thousands of likes on her photos on Tuesday alone, so her work definitely paid off.

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshot/amberalena.x/Instagram/Screenshot/heidi.grey

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