Girl with Down syndrome walks 20 miles to her grandpa for a very special reason

Whitley Bay, UK - In a heartwarming effort to help a family member, this 10-year-old girl is overcoming all obstacles for a worthy cause!

Rowan Ridley (10) has started a fundraising walk for MS.
Rowan Ridley (10) has started a fundraising walk for MS.  © Screenshot/Just Giving/Rowan's MS Walk

Rowan Ridley is a young English girl with Down syndrome who started a fundraising walk in honor of her grandfather who has multiple sclerosis .

Rowan walked about 20 miles in stages from her home in Whitley Bay on the North Sea coast to her grandfather's house in Belsay, UK.

"It doesn't sound like a big deal to a lot of people," her dad, Seth Ridley, said. "But she has Down's syndrome and has never walked that far before, so it's quite a challenge for her."

So far the girl has raised over $1,500, which she plans to donate to a charity for multiple sclerosis patients. For her latest leg, Rowan was accompanied by her grandfather Geoffrey Ridley, "Parky" who is 82, and uses a wheelchair.

She missed her granddad during the coronavirus lockdown, the Brit said, and plans to complete the walk during the next school holiday.

"Rowan proves that you are never too young to make a difference and she has impressed us with her hard work and determination," said Clare Horwood of the MS Society, the organization for which the donation is earmarked.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Just Giving/Rowan's MS Walk

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