Longest distance a dog has skateboarded: A bulldog skateboarding record

Dogs are talented creatures, but few can come close to this professionally perfect pooch. You might think that dogs don't belong on skateboards, but you'd be wrong! This is the longest distance a dog has ever skateboarded.

Otto might not have worn sunglasses, but he did skate further than any other dog in history (stock image).
Otto might not have worn sunglasses, but he did skate further than any other dog in history (stock image).  © IMAGO/Wirestock

There are some remarkable doggos out there in the wild, wandering around with their beloved slaves (sorry, humans).

Some are so talented that they'd put Tony Hawk to shame, capable of skating distances that most of us could only dream of – if we'd never skated before, that is.

Such dogs should be given the attention and recognition they deserve, and that's what we're here to do.

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An especially talented bulldog named Otto holds the animal record for the furthest a dog has ever skateboard through a human tunnel. It might be a profoundly strange world record, but that makes it no less impressive!

Otto the skateboarding bulldog

The animal world record holder for longest human tunnel ever skateboarded through by a dog (yes, that is one long record name) is held by a Peruvian English bulldog called Otto. This magnificent achievement catapulted him into the dog-osphere, where he became a worldwide sensation.

Otto's owners were inspired to train him up for this tremendous feat after they saw videos of a dog named Tillman, who at the time held the record for fastest dog on a skateboard. Thinking that this was just brilliant, Otto was trained as a puppy to perform a variety of skateboarding tricks.

You'll notice when watching the world record-breaking video (below) that Otto does more than just stand on the board as it rolls downhill. Instead, he uses his legs to propel and push him forward, controlling his direction as he ducks beneath the legs of many, many people.

How long is the world record for a skateboarding dog?

Otto achieved his world record in 2015 when, with a massive crowd watching, the English bulldog managed to skateboard through the legs of 30 people. Having won the award from Guinness World Records at only three years old, Otto quickly became a worldwide internet sensation.

In the months that followed this insane feat, Otto was even nominated to be the World Dog Award's "Hot Dog" of the year. Since 2015, Otto has lived a long and fruitful life, using his fame to do some good things. Alongside his caring and loving humans, this beautiful English bulldog has constantly fought to convince people to prioritize adopting homeless animals from shelters.

On top of this, Otto has worked with charities and provided support to many disadvantaged people. He was even featured in a clothing ad at one point. It goes without saying that Otto has achieved far more in his life than most dogs could ever even dream of.

English bulldogs aren't the only good skateboarders!

When starting the research for this article, it seemed unlikely that skateboarding dogs would be anything more than a one-off world record. That turned up to be a badly-placed presumption, as there seems to be a bizarrely widespread dog-skating subculture. The internet sure is a wild place!

It goes further than just simply dressing up dogs and photographing them with or on skateboards, too. As we previously mentioned, multiple dogs hold multiple different skateboarding-related records. Tillman, for example, skated a whopping 328 feet in 19.678 seconds, making him the fasted skateboarding dog ever.

Well, that was until he was beaten by another doggo in September 2013. Jumpy, an American pooch, managed this same feat in only 19.65 seconds. It's noticeable that 19.65 and 19.678 are very close numbers, and it's an indication that people take dog skateboarding very, very seriously.

It's all a lot of fun, as long as the dogs don't get hurt, and it's extraordinary that people have been able to train dogs to successfully skateboard.

Dog skateboarding is actually more common than you'd expect.
Dog skateboarding is actually more common than you'd expect.  © IMAGO/YAY Images

Have you ever seen a bulldog riding a skateboard?

It's a bit of a niche question, isn't it? But someone had to think of it, or there would never have been a world record achieved based on this very premise. All the oddities associated with such an achievement aside, Otto sure did an impressive thing when he managed to skate through 30 pairs of legs – most humans probably could do that!

What's most impressive, though, is that Otto went on to use his fame to raise awareness around responsible pet ownership. He has raised a bunch of money and helped countless less-fortunate doggos.

Cover photo: IMAGO/Wirestock

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