"Beagle-eyed" critic: TikTok has its very own dog movie reviewer!

Indianapolis, Indiana - A beagle is reviewing his way through Disney films one-by-one, sharing his movie-watching essentials along the way.

Winston is a real professional – he gives every movie his full and undivided attention.
Winston is a real professional – he gives every movie his full and undivided attention.  © Collage: screenshot/tiktok/winston_thebeagle

If you thought dogs didn't enjoy movies, think again. This beagle named Winston is all about a Disney flick, and his video reviews are getting hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok.

The way movies are rated by the self-proclaimed "K-9 Disney film critic" is pretty simple – whichever films get a reaction out of Winston are voted as winners. If he's standing and barking at the screen at any point of the movie, you know it's getting a certified fresh rating.

Winston gets the best snacks, the coziest blankets, and the prime viewing location on the comfy couch, making him the lead movie critic of the household. When it's time to pick a movie-of-the-day, it's either a recommendation from one of his many fans, or it's left up to Winston himself.

You might be confused as to how a dog can pick the movie himself. It's simple – by selecting one of the stuffed animal options in a lineup, which are all characters from different movies!

Dog's stuffed animal selection rules supreme

The most recent film on his agenda was Old Yeller (1957), which by all intents and purposes can be quite the tear-jerker. Before they start the film, his owner says, "I heard it's pretty sad, do you think you can handle it?"

Clearly the answer was yes, as the clip plays on, showing Winston's deep concentration on each scene in the Disney classic.

But Winston's most successful appearance to date is in a video showing his heartbreaking reaction to Marley and Me (2008). At the film's tragic climax, the spellbound pooch lies down and whimpers, in an amazing display of awareness. That video got 4 million views on TikTok, as well as thousands of emotional comments.

It's safe to say this budding cinema-dographer has a promising career ahead of him!

Cover photo: Collage: screenshot/tiktok/winston_thebeagle

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