Cats only need the bare bones to get comfortable and this viral tweet proves it

Washington D.C. - What if a person suddenly passes away and leaves behind a pet? What would the little animal do all on its own? This Twitter user might have just found out the truth – more or less unintentionally.

Cats seem to find a skeleton's bony lap quite comfortable (collage).
Cats seem to find a skeleton's bony lap quite comfortable (collage).  © Twitter/Bildmonatge/ajlobster&tailorelaine

Hazel is the beloved cat of a young woman from Washington D.C. who recently brought home a fake skeleton for Halloween.

She placed it on the couch in her house and got exactly the reaction she wanted, and she just had to share it on Twitter

The cat seemed to have no problem at all with her new companion. She didn't show any signs of fear or suspicion of the strange figure that was suddenly sitting there. Instead, Hazel happily snuggled onto the skeleton's lap and now refuses to leave its side.

Those who think that the cuddle-session only happened because the skeleton is made out of plush only need to take a look at the comments under the post.

Plenty of other users proved that Hazel is not the only one who finds a bag of bones quite comfortable. Whether plastic or plush, cats just don't seem to be creeped out by skeletons.

Hazel is not the only cat who loves skeletons

The post went viral

With almost 290,000 likes on Twitter, the post is certified viral.

For everyone worried that Halloween decorations might frighten their pets: that's your all-clear! One user even said that she had never seen her cat as relaxed as it was on the skeleton's lap.

Cover photo: Twitter/Bildmonatge/ajlobster&tailorelaine

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