Caught red-pawed: owner catches cat burglar in the act

Internet - Cats crave a sweet snack every once in a while too. This Reddit user's feline friend decided to sneak a little treat and was caught on camera in the middle of the burglary.

The culprit is taken completely by surprise.
The culprit is taken completely by surprise.  © Reddit/Screenshot/Bildmontage/bandicoot-666

The video uploaded by bandicoot-666 shows the cat's slyness in all its glory.

In the five-second clip, the pet-owner walks around the apartment, seemingly knowing just what to look for. As the Reddit user rounds the corner into the hallway, a furry thief suddenly comes into view, happily jogging along with a bag of candy in its mouth. 

What happens next is the highlight of the whole incident: the cat simply drops the stolen goods on the floor and walks away without a second thought, as if nothing happened. This casual attitude suggests it isn't the first attempt to be foiled.

The little comedy skit quickly made an impression on Reddit, with more than 3,000 upvotes and lots of commenters delighted by the little robber's antics.

Some users suggested a few possible alibis for the feline felon.

"I'm just holding this for a friend" or "How did this get into my mouth? I've never seen this object before, I swear!" were among the favorites.

The kitten drops the stolen goods and runs away.
The kitten drops the stolen goods and runs away.  © Reddit/Screenshot/Bildmontage/bandicoot-666

Others shared similar experiences of their own kleptomaniac cats.

The owner now has to significantly improve security when it comes to savory treats.

Cover photo: Reddit/Screenshot/Bildmontage/bandicoot-666

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