Cute cat with huge "alien eyes" has a tragic backstory

Canada - A cat with a rare eye condition has become an internet sensation and is able to live a full life despite his disability thanks to owners who love him unconditionally.

Pico the cat (9) has been blind for five years.
Pico the cat (9) has been blind for five years.  ©

Pico the Norwegian forest cat is lucky to be alive today.

For a long time he roamed around as a stray, before he was hit by a car one day, laying comatose for three full days. The accident must have used up one or two of Pico's nine lives because it left no permanent damage to the very fluffy feline.

Marie-Josee Brisson and her 17-year-old daughter Monica discovered Pico by chance at their local veterinarian and were immediately smitten.

A short time later, they made Pico part of their family, Monica shared on her TikTok channel.

But five years ago, the family noticed Pico's eyes had started to become discolored. Monica explained, "He used to have green eyes, but one day he suffered an infection that probably caused glaucoma."

In the meantime, the nine-year-old cat has gone completely blind, but despite eyes that now look overly-large and opalescent in color, he has no pain or other complaints.

Pico the cat becomes an internet star because of his huge eyes

Despite his handicap, Pico behaves like a normal cat (collage).
Despite his handicap, Pico behaves like a normal cat (collage).  ©

Both Pico and his owners have come to terms with his disability. "Most of the time he's fine, but he bumps into furniture sometimes. He knows his way around the house very well," they shared.

Meanwhile, Pico has achieved a certain fame online, with users on TikTok fascinated by his unusual appearance, offering descriptions such as "moon eyes," "galaxy eyes," and "alien eyes" in their comments.

While some users find the sight quite disconcerting, the majority are completely enchanted by the feline. "Such a beautiful cat" and "this is the cutest cat I've ever seen" are common compliments.

Apart from his bulging eyes and his handicap, Pico is just a normal cat.

He loves to roam around and sunbathe in the grass – but only in company, because Pico doesn't dare go outside alone.

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