Rescue kitten survives brutal winter storm and gets a fitting name

Bowling Green, Kentucky - When animal rescuers saw a baby cat struggling to survive in the cold, they thought he wasn't going to make it.

A little kitten, since dubbed Frosty, nearly froze to death before he was rescued in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
A little kitten, since dubbed Frosty, nearly froze to death before he was rescued in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society

Rescuers from Kentucky's Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society shared the heartbreaking story on Facebook this week.

An employee with the state police, named Dennis, discovered a "kitten, almost frozen and as cold as ice," next to the woodshed on the office grounds. The post was closed due to the winter storm that tore through the Midwest last week.

Luckily, Dennis went to check on the cats he feeds and didn't ignore the meows he heard.

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When the cries didn't stop, he looked around and discovered the feline.

"The kitten arrived ice cold with fleas jumping from his body because it was shutting down and they knew it," the rescuers wrote.

Even though rescuers did everything they could to get the cold cat warmed up, they "feared for the worst."

Near-frozen kitten gets a fitting new name

"When we came in the next day, we were worried we’d find that our little guy hadn’t made it through the night," the rescuers wrote in their heart-wrenching post. "To our surprise and delight, he was up, moving around, and eating! We could’ve cried happy tears in that moment," they gushed.

"'Frosty' is our little winter miracle," they added.

Facebook users gushed over the story in the comments: "Frosty is a fighter," one cheered, while another wrote, "Frosty is such a cutie!! I hope someone adopts him and he never has to know the cold ever again!!"

Frosty isn't up for adoption just yet, according to the shelter: "He's pretty young and we're still keeping a watchful eye on him."

Hopefully, this kitten will find the warm home he deserves very soon!

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society

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