TikTok user lifts everyone's mood with hilarious invention for her cats

Internet - A cute animal video is proving how easy it is to entertain pets – and millions of internet users along with them!

Zenon is on her way to the top (collage).
Zenon is on her way to the top (collage).  © Collage: tiktok.com/@sashidawn11

A few ropes and a plastic box: that's all it takes to take a cat on a fun ride, as this cute TikTok clip by user sashidawn11 proves.

In the video, a black cat called Zenon is going all the way to the top floor in an improvised elevator.

The feline excitedly hops into the plastic container and her owner starts pulling her up.

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As soon as she reaches her destination, Zenon immediately jumps out and speeds down the stairs to start the next round.

"She loved the lift," post reads, and it's not just the cat who is excited about her new form of transportation – TikTok users have been raving about the invention.

Only four days after its release, the clip already has 470,000 views and 75,000 likes!

TikTok users love the cat elevator

The comments section is also bursting with enthusiasm: "Providing the healthiest content of the year 2020," one user wrote.

Another one joked: "Haha this confirms the theory that cat's see us as mere servants. Whereas, dog's look up to us."

Since her cats are proving to be bona fide internet stars, sashidawn11 shared more footage of her furry friends on her account.

Cover photo: Collage: tiktok.com/@sashidawn11

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