Did a woman really swallow a snake or is this video just a fake?

Levashi, Russia - The internet is full of sword swallowing and fire-eaters, but a woman from Russia could top them all if this video is real - swallowing a snake sounds more extreme than their gimmicks.

A four-foot snake supposedly nestled the patient's body (stock image).
A four-foot snake supposedly nestled the patient's body (stock image).  © 123rf/ Steve Byland

The clip, which surfaced on Twitter, plays out like a scene from a horror movie. 

In an operating room, a nurse is using an endoscope to pull something long and slippery out of an anesthetized woman's throat.

One of doctors can be heard saying, "Let's see what this is."

As soon as the nurse realizes what is coming of the patient's mouth, she cries out in horror and surprise: it looks like a snake!

The reptile is supposedly four feet long.

After the doctors remove the snake, they drop it into a medical bucket. It's unclear whether the snake is still alive or how long it had been in the woman's body. 

According to the Daily Mail, the animal crawled down her throat while she was fast asleep in her garden in the village of Levashi, Dagestan. Feeling unwell in the morning, she sought out a doctor.

The snake reportedly crawled into the woman's mouth while she was asleep

Doctors appeared to remove a snake from the woman's throat (stock picture).
Doctors appeared to remove a snake from the woman's throat (stock picture).  © 123rf/ Santiago Nunez Iniguez

Locals told the British daily that such incidents were very rare. But older citizens do advise young people not to sleep outside as snakes could slip inside their mouths.

But let's be real: how deep does your sleep have to be for you not to notice swallowing a snake? 

Christoph Specht, a medical expert from Germany, doubts the story is genuine. 

"It is extremely unlikely. If it was real, it would be a one of a kind! During a gastrostomy, for example, patients are only able to swallow the endoscope because they are sedated beforehand," he told the German TV channel RTL

The snake would have triggered a gag reflex when it was going down the woman's throat. It's highly unlikely that she would only have noticed the morning after. Sometimes, when a story sounds unbelievable, it probably is.  

Cover photo: Screenshot Twitter

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