Dog watches 101 Dalmatians and the internet loves it!

Internet - An American bulldog called Moose brightened up his owners' evening as he joined them on movie night.

Moose is completely captivated - what is going to happen next?
Moose is completely captivated - what is going to happen next?  © Reddit/Screenshot/saranndwyer

But instead of snuggling up next to them on the couch and taking a nap, the dog became the main attraction of the evening.

As soon as the movie started, Moose sat down in front of the TV and dove right into another world – the 1961 Disney classic 101 Dalmatians.

Thrilled by how wrapped up in the action their cinephile canine was, Moose's owner recorded a video of him and shared it on Reddit, with the caption "101 Dalmatians- best movie ever (according to Moose)". The post quickly blew up and it gained more than 25,000 upvotes in just four days.

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And rightly so! It's just adorable to see the three-year-old dog sit in front of the TV, wagging his tail in excitement while his eyes seem to be glued to the screen.

Moose is completely absorbed by the story

It's safe to say 101 Dalmatians is Moose's favourite movie.
It's safe to say 101 Dalmatians is Moose's favourite movie.  © Reddit/Screenshot/saranndwyer

But Moose doesn't just passively take in all the action on screen. He actually seems to be experiencing it!

As soon as one of the animated dogs starts to howl, the bulldog responds with his own loud barking and growling.

When the movie cuts to another scene, Moose first seems to be a little confused, but it only takes a couple of seconds for him to fall back under the spell of the captivating story.

Reddit users are thrilled about Moose's uncontrollable enthusiasm and some are even a bit envious – their dogs don't have this kind of deep appreciation for the magic of cinema.

"That is too sweet and funny. My dog could care less unless she hears a doorbell on the tv," one user admitted with regret, and another agreed: "I wish my dog would notice the tv. Whatever is on, doggos or no doggos, he just ignores it."

Cover photo: Reddit/Screenshot/saranndwyer

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