Animal rescuers move heaven and earth to save stray dog and her starving puppies

Ukraine - This animal rescue operation turned out to be one heck of an ordeal!

Olena lured the dogs to her with food.
Olena lured the dogs to her with food.  © YouTube/Screenshot/ Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel

The Love Furry Friends group from Ukraine shared an epic video on their YouTube account on Tuesday. It tells the story of their mission to help a poor dog and her pups.

One of the group's subscribers alerted the group that they had seen a dog and her puppies stuck behind a fence.

But there was a problem: the fence was around an international airport!

The team, headed by animal welfare activist Olena, jumped into action. But when they got there, the young woman could only feed the starving pups through the bars. The little bundles of energy were still thrilled though, and they pressed their noses to the fence for more.

The next day, Love Furry Friends contacted airport employees and asked for help. Airport security agreed to their request, but they couldn't let the animal rescuers on the grounds, so they suggested catching the dogs themselves and turning them over to the group.

Sadly, despite the airport employees' best efforts they were only able to wrangle two puppies.

Animal activists make a sad discovery

The group needed help to catch the moma dog.
The group needed help to catch the moma dog.  © YouTube/Screenshot/ Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel

Finally, on the third day, the airport staff allowed the welfare workers on to the airfield.

They made a sad discovery: one of the puppies had died due to the harsh cold conditions and lack of food.

The rescuers did their best to win the dogs' trust with food and treats, but they still couldn't catch all of them. They nabbed four more puppies on day three of the ordeal.

On day five, Love Furry Friends called in animal control for help catching the canine mom. She had become aggressive because she thought her puppies had been "stolen" by the rescuers.

Finally, with the help of the authorities, the puppies' mother was caught, along with the last of her litter – little Teddy.

So far six of the seven pups have found forever homes. Teddy the only puppy still looking for a new home.

The airport mission came to a happy end. Even the mom dog has learned to trust humans and was adopted by the concerned citizen who first alerted the group about dogs stuck behind the fence.

Cover photo: YouTube/Screenshot/ Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel

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