Black labrador and golden retriever mixed doggos have dark coats with sunny personalities

While the name "black golden retriever" might seem like a confused mixing of terms and colors, but it's actually the name of an insanely sweet cross between golden retrievers and black labradors.

When black labradors and golden retrievers mate, they make some pretty adorable puppies.
When black labradors and golden retrievers mate, they make some pretty adorable puppies.  © Collage: 123RF/Tommeaker/Lightfieldstudios

There is no such thing as a golden retriever with black fur, purely because the purebred's coloring is both part of its name and of its recessive gene. Yet, these beautiful dogs can end up with black hair when they're bred with the right doggo - specifically, the black labrador.

When black labradors and golden retrievers mix, they make dark-coated puppies with a robust build. Their snouts tend to be wider than the labrador's and, due to its black coat, it is known either as a black golden retriever or a goldadors.

If a black golden retriever sounds too cute to be true, though, then look no further than YouTube and Instagram for some truly amazing examples of this remarkable crossbreed.

Golden retrievers and black lab mix is one of the most beautiful dogs out there

Black golden retrievers don't just boast beautiful black coats, they also have an sweet personality made up as a mix of their two parents.

They are fun-loving and active dogs, that can be super sociable extroverts ready to bond with both kids and other animals alike. In fact, if anyone was looking to bring one of these crossbreeds home, they'd instantly notice the jubilant-yet-calm personality their doggo adopts.

To make matters more confusing, though, it's important to research the lineage of your dog before you pick it up, to make sure that you are getting the black golden retriever you wanted. Sometimes people will pass other crossbreed mixes as a black golden retriever.

A little research and a lot of love is all that you need to make life with your lab and golden retriever mix well worth the hype. They are truly some of the sweetest dogs in the world!

Cover photo: Collage: 123RF/Tommeaker/Lightfieldstudios

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