Cat plays around with goldfish, but then the golden retriever does something amazing!

Internet - If there was any more proof needed for how good-natured and sweet dogs can be, this video definitely does the job!

Golden retriever Summer rescues the poor goldfish from the cat's clutches.
Golden retriever Summer rescues the poor goldfish from the cat's clutches.  © Screenshot/Douyin562349684

The clip, which was uploaded on Douyin, a Chinese social media platform similar to TikTok, already made more than 2.4 million people smile.

Its first few seconds show a cat batting at a helpless goldfish that apparently jumped out of its bowl and is now flopping around, gasping for air.

A voice in the background calls for the golden retriever named Summer. But the dog doesn't run to its owner – it goes where it's needed most, right on over to the fishbowl!

After a quick glance at the bowl, the smart pooch immediately knows what's up. Summer goes straight for the goldfish, but not in the way you'd expect. She gently picks up the fish with her mouth and drops it back into the bowl.

The fish then swims around happily with its bowl buddy.

Summer keeps watching the two fish and then dips her nose in the water, as if she's checking to see if the temperature is all right.

Users were blown away by the dog's behavior. One commented "That's so cute, the dog is blowing bubbles for the fish!" And another gushed, "It melted my heart."

In the replies, Summer's owner confirmed that the goldfish were fine, "My Summer really loves her fish friends, she's so gentle with them, sometimes I think her teeth are spongey."

Cover photo: Screenshot/Douyin562349684

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