Dog found close to death, saved by woman's bravery and DAR rescue Greece

Karditsa, Greece - This dog gave animal welfare activists from Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR) in Greece a good scare when he was found nearly dead by a brave local woman who helped look after him.

When the Diasozo Animal Rescue picked up little Anestis he was really unwell.
When the Diasozo Animal Rescue picked up little Anestis he was really unwell.  © Screenshot/YouTube/@D.A.R.ermionigiannakou

After residents discovered a sickly dog and asked the Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR) for help, the group's founder Ermioni found the pup under a truck.

At first, the Greek woman thought that the dog has only minor injuries, but when she lifted him up, she discovered signs of something far worse.

Anestis, as the brave woman later called him, was no longer moving. He was only able to turn his head a little, letting him stare into Ermioni's eyes. Meanwhile, the rest of his body was limp and lifeless.

Brave action as animal rescue advocates spring into action

The woman immediately put the poor stray in her car and dashed to the vet, where the medics discovered that Anestis was even closer to death than Ermioni had thought.

The vets immediately put the poor dog on a drip, administered painkillers, and cleaned his bloody wounds. It then came time to figure out what had brought him so close to the edge.

After a short analysis, they came to the conclusion that the little pup had been bitten by another dog. As a result he had become unable to remove, probably leading to the onset of hypothermia.

Rescued by DAR Animal Rescue Greece, Anestis struggles to survive

Ermioni and her team thought that Anestis probably wouldn't make it, but he was determined to prove their pessimism wrong.

Though his condition barely improved over the next few days, his wounds slowly began to heal. Fortunately, the little boy had no broken bones. After several days, Anestis still couldn't muster the strength to stand, but did at least start to drink and eat again.

Ermioni visited her little the fighter again and again over the following days, at the same time looking for a foster family who might want to adopt the sweet pup.

DAR Animal Rescue gets Anestis off the street and into a family

Anestis was found close to death, but he made it through the experience stronger than ever.
Anestis was found close to death, but he made it through the experience stronger than ever.  © Screenshot/YouTube/@D.A.R.ermionigiannakou

No matter what, the animal welfare activist wanted to prevent Anestis from having to go back onto the streets. She also wanted to spare the dog the stress of living in an animal shelter.

Finally, after days of searching, a man was found who was willing to take over Anestis' care. By then, the four-legged friend had made great strides in his recovery and was able to walk again.

The now-viral video ends with Ermioni, with a clear conscience, handing Anestis over to his new doggy dad.

Today, Anestis looks as if he has been reborn. His viral social media fame touched many on YouTube, having received more than 100,000 views and countless likes. All in, it was a pretty good outcome for the pup.

Cover photo: Screenshot/YouTube/@D.A.R.ermionigiannakou

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