Dog fart prank spurs hilarious reaction from canine companion

Internet - A proud dog owner has posted a hilarious dog fart prank video on TikTok, showing off her canine companion's hilarious reaction to the amusing, if slightly immature, bit.

After a dog fart prank, this dog's reaction has the internet in absolute stitches.
After a dog fart prank, this dog's reaction has the internet in absolute stitches.  © Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@elizabeth.vee

While often cruel and entering the "too-far" territory, pranking your dog can be extremely fun and entertaining. TikTok user Elisabeth Vee proved this very point in her now-viral dog fart prank video.

Vee has a TikTok account dedicated solely to her Golden Retriever, Leila. Having named the channel after her beloved pooch, she has now collected nearly 70,000 followers and nearly 9M likes.

Most of the videos she posts involve showing Leila in all her sweet and adorable glory, from birthday celebrations to games, to amusing pranks like this.

Leila's reaction to owner's dog fart prank has internet in stitches

At the beginning of the clip, the handsome canine companion sits attentively in front of Elisabeth. Suddenly, the sweet pooch hears something that she clearly wasn't expecting.

Elisabeth makes a loud farting noise, loud and strong. The intense sound of the dog fart prank first evokes one of the most shocked faces we've ever seen on a dog, and then causes her to up and run away.

Leila clearly didn't appreciate the prank, and was quite scared by what had just happened, but that didn't stop her owner from breaking into fits of laughter.

Dog fart prank "embarrassed" Leila

"She was embarrassed," Elisabeth wrote in the description to her video, which has since amassed 6.6 million views and more than 29,000 comments. From these numbers, it's pretty clear that internet is swooning over Leila's hilarious reaction.

One important question still remains unanswered, though: Now that she's scared of farts, what will happen when Leila finds herself in the need to let it rip?

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@elizabeth.vee

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