Dogs channel their inner Paw-casso in new TikTok challenge

Internet – Pet owners are letting their dogs' creativity run free by way of paint, Ziploc bags, and peanut butter.

One dog chooses its own paint to create an original masterpiece (collage).
One dog chooses its own paint to create an original masterpiece (collage).  © screenshot/tiktok/igorboxer

In the latest TikTok challenge, dog owners are putting blank canvases with dollops of paint on them into bags and covering them with peanut butter.

Then they wait patiently while their furry friends get to work, licking the peanut butter off of the bags, thus spreading the paint all over the canvas to create masterpieces that would make Pablo Picasso swoon.

Some TikTok users owners are even letting their dogs choose the paint colors to use. They line up multiple bottles of paint and wait for their pups to knock certain bottles over to mark their selections.

When the dogs are finished with the peanut butter, it's time for the big reveal.

The results of the dog painting challenge were wonderfully and colorfully abstract pieces of art that even their owners couldn't produce on the rainiest of Saturdays.

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Some even went as far as letting their dogs create a miniature series of paintings with multiple canvases to proudly display around their homes.

Others got crafty, drawing outlines of the dogs themselves on the canvases for the pups to paint in, creating their own self-portraits.

The masterful results

The best part of the challenge is that it lets dogs show off their creativity without having to get a paw dirty, making it all the better for quarantined days in the house.

Cover photo: screenshot/tiktok/igorboxer

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