Golden retriever duo spread joy on the internet one hug at a time

Bend, Oregon - A stolen treat is no reason for hard feelings between two canine companions. At least not for the hugging golden retrievers Kiko and Watson.

Two puppy pals Watson and Kiko have a paws-on kind of friendship with hugs at its core.
Two puppy pals Watson and Kiko have a paws-on kind of friendship with hugs at its core.  © screenshot/instagram/

The furry friend are inseparable and extremely forgiving, even when stolen food is involved.

In a video shared by the pair's joint Instagram account, the duo hugs it out after Watson was caught taking Kiko's treat.

After their owner noticed what Watson had done, she had to set things right.

"I gave you a Chewy, I gave Kiko a chewy. You ate Kiko's chewy."

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After being called out, Watson shows signs of regret, with his ears hanging low and the most heart-melting set of puppy eyes you're likely to see.

The owner continues her conversation with Watson, asking "What do we say when we steal someone else's Chewy? What do we say – do you know?"

Watson then walked over to Kiko, and place his paws around his neck, giving him an apologetic hug to say sorry – something the two dogs do all the time judging by their Instagram page.

Their story gets even more heartwarming when you find out that Kiko is a cancer survivor with only three legs. That gives Watson's hugs an extra bit of meaning and it's clear that the pair support each other through thick and thin.

And with over 1 million followers, their amazing relationship is spreading plenty of joy all over the world.

Cover photo: screenshot/instagram/

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