Landlord doesn't allow pets, but this dog knows how to stay incognito!

New York, New York - If your landlord or landlady doesn’t allow pets, blending them in with their surroundings might be your best bet for passing a last-minute home inspection.

Magnus blends in with his surroundings!
Magnus blends in with his surroundings!  © Screenshot/Instagram/Animals Doing Things

What would you do if you just couldn’t resist adopting a dog, even though your current landlord doesn’t allow them?

One decided she just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a canine companion, so she came up with a genius idea to solve the dilemma.

Rather than sending her dog to a friend's house or doggy daycare, she decided to camouflage him at a table with some of his best stuffed animal friends for a little fake tea party.

The video, which features Magnus the therapy dog, starts by slowly panning across the room in a home where it’s pretty obvious that kids also live, due to the mass amounts of toys, children's books, and child-sized chalkboards.

Heroic dog rescues trapped kitten from inside car hood
Dogs Heroic dog rescues trapped kitten from inside car hood

As the panning continues, the table set up slowly comes into view, where 4 stuffed animals and a very stoic dog are seated, overlooking a giant stuffed cupcake placed in the middle of the table.

You might not even notice the lab posted up at the end of the table if the clip didn't dramatically zoom in on his serious face at the very last second.

Magnus the therapy dog blends in with his surroundings

With over 44,000 likes, the post was almost as successful as Magnus' camouflage.

Among the hundreds of comments, many users offered their support for the stunt. One user wrote “they’ll never know!", while another said “looks fine to me!”

No one knows how the walkthrough went, but with such a calm and statuesque pup, there’s a good chance they passed the inspection without a hitch.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/Animals Doing Things

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