Masters of disguise: puppies turn into chameleons when they cuddle on the couch

Internet - The puppy brothers Vinnie and Rocco are not only absolutely gorgeous, they are also masters of disguise!

Where is little Vinnie?
Where is little Vinnie?  © Instagram/Screenshot/roccovinnie2020

Normally, their gray-and-black spotted fur and cheerful natures would make them the center of attention wherever they are.

But when Vinnie and Rocco lie down on the sofa for a well deserved nap, they become completely invisible!

"The sofa, being plush velvet in dark gray and silver tones, the pups blend in perfectly," Tina Grantham, the dogs' owner, told The Dodo. "It’s sometimes difficult to spot them, thinking they are cushions."

Woman stumbles upon box of abandoned puppies in shocking style
Dogs Woman stumbles upon box of abandoned puppies in shocking style

Both pups are just a perfect match for the sofa, but it's little Vinnie who seems to become virtually one with the couch as soon as finds a spot in between the cushions.

Do the two camouflaged canines know what they're doing?

The velvet couch has become the camouflaged canines' favorite hiding place – so much so that it seems they know exactly what they're doing.

Tina doesn't think it's an intentional game, though she has to admit that they spend a lot of time "hiding behind the cushions and peeking out.”

And she made sure that her special pets always remain visible for the whole world to see: they have their own Instagram channel with dozens of images so cute that they are impossible to overlook.

Cover photo: Bildmontage: Instagram/Screenshot/roccovinnie2020

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