Muscular pit bull has TikTok users worried his punch is worse than his bite

Nashville, Tennessee - This is one strong dog! An extremely muscular pit bull is lifting spirits on TikTok and getting lots of funny comments in the process.

Bando the pit bull is a little star on TikTok.
Bando the pit bull is a little star on TikTok.  ©

There are lots of threatening-looking dogs in the world, and their owners tend to say things like: "He's harmless. He just wants to play."

In fact, lots of scary-looking animals are completely harmless, and some are even sweet. They just look dangerous.

Bando, the pit bull from the TikTok channel nellandbando, is currently amazing and amusing fans with video clips highlighting his incredibly toned body!

He is most famous for a recent video in which he drinks water while standing on his hind legs. Bando looks so pumped up that you'd think he goes to a dog gym on a daily basis.

The clip received more than 2.9 million views and 787,000 likes on TikTok in just under a week. Check out the pit bull's impressive stature!

TikTok users joke about the built pooch

The comments below the TikTok video are extremely entertaining.

"His muscles have muscles," wrote one commenter in awe. Another user said Bando doesn't need to use his teeth to defend himself: "He don't bite he upercuts you."

Others joked about who's walking whom: "Legends say he walks hes owner." Another noted, "He even drinks water in an aggressive manner."

Despite his intimidating stature, Bando's other videos show that he's a perfectly sweet dog. Another clip proves that he's even well behaved during bath time.

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