Pooch smooch: the internet loves this puppy's reaction to a kiss from its owner

Internet - At first, this puppy wasn't too sure how to react to a little peck on the cheek from its owner Abby. What it decided to do next melted plenty of hearts on the internet.

Abby kissed her best friend and left it confused for a few seconds.
Abby kissed her best friend and left it confused for a few seconds.  © Reddit/Screenshot/abbynormalisrelative

The video posted by Reddit user abbynormalisrelative went viral, with over 140,000 upvotes and lots of delighted comments. Even though it's only a few seconds long, there's so much cuteness packed into it.

Abby's description set the stage: "Kissed my best friend to see what would happen". She's lying on the bed next to the tiny pooch and goes in for a little smooch. The fluff ball looks a bit confused at first, giving the camera a quick look while deciding what to do next.

But then it reacts in the most adorable way – with a little peck of its own!

Small gesture, big effect

The pup decided to kiss her back.
The pup decided to kiss her back.  © Reddit/Screenshot/abbynormalisrelative

Abby is overwhelmed by the love and almost can't believe what just happened. 

Reddit users are getting a warm fuzzy feeling inside too. They've been showing their appreciation for the video: 

  • "Pup's like 'what just happened? Did I just get kissed?! Gotta kiss back!'"
  • "What a gentle little kiss!"
  • "I love how the pupper kinda looks around and then at the camera like 'uhh.. do I do it back or?'"
  • "This is the single cutest thing I have ever seen on this sub. Thanks for brightening my night."
  • "That side glance before kissing you back killed me! Super cute pup!"
  • "My heart can't take it! That was the sweetest reaction!"

Abby's dog is now a real internet star, as people play the charming clip on repeat.

Cover photo: Reddit/Screenshots/abbynormalisrelative

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