Puppy goes TikTok viral for making dog paw and human hand photocopy

Melbourne, Australia - This puffy pomeranian pup was ready to become a supermodel when she used the office scanner to make the ultimate photocopy: A human hand and dog paw scan.

This dog paw and human hand photocopy went crazy viral!
This dog paw and human hand photocopy went crazy viral!  © Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@mochapom

The copy machine is a gathering place in any office for co-workers to mix and mingle. It has become a common place for shenanigans to go down, with many employees scanning hilarious (and often inappropriate) things for the amusement of their colleagues.

This is where our story begins, around a photocopier in Melbourne Australia, when one dog owner came up with her own idea for a fun and adorable TikTok video.

But you already know the end product of this lovable piece of mischief: A dog paw and human hand photocopy!

Melbourne lady makes a dog paw scan with the office photocopy

A Melbourne woman brought her pet pomeranian to work and positioned her four-legged friend on the top of the machine. Just before hitting the copy button, she put her hands over her dog's paws on the machine's scanning surface.

The final image showed the puppy's paws clearly imprinted underneath her own in a gorgeous tribute to man's best friend.

Dog paw and human hand photocopy goes viral on TikTok

After taking the scan, she uploaded the result as a short TikTok clip on her dog's account @mochapom, accompanying the sweet moment with some uplifting music.

The video has now been viewed more than five million times, and has received thousands of comments from around the world.

"This is beautiful" and "so cute" wrote fans of the idea. "I want one!" said another, speaking of the precious puppy pic.

Mocha's owner was also impressed and wanted to preserve the moment, telling the dog's 8 million followers that she was "On my way to buy a frame."

Hopefully before putting it on her wall, she also made a few paw-some prints to put up on the office noticeboard!

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@mochapom

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