Rescuer has to get creative to save this dog trapped on dangerous island

Lake County, Florida - When Lake County residents heard the distant cries of a desperate dog, they immediately knew the pooch was in danger and called for help.

The dog knew it was in great danger.
The dog knew it was in great danger.  © Facebook/Screenshot/@LakeCountySO

Following the dog's cries for help, locals found the small brown dog stranded on a swampy island in a marsh.

Neighbors were quick to call the authorities, fearing the poor pooch would be mauled to death by one of the alligators that inhabit the island, People reports.

Animal Enforcement Officer Amy Riccio arrived at the scene, ready to rescue the trapped canine.

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While the anxious dog was eagerly awaiting her, Riccio was faced with a difficult task: how would she safely carry the lost animal to the mainland?

But the animal rescuer knew what she had to do: Riccio entered the thick brush of the swamp and used wood to build a makeshift bridge, which the dog could then cross.

Fortunately, her plan worked: the four-legged friend quickly came to trust Riccio and was able make its way to safety.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office now has two burning questions left to investigate: who is the dog's owner, and how did the dog end up on the dangerous island in the first place?

To everyone's relief, the dog is currently in good hands at the Lake County Animal Shelter – far away from hungry alligators.

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/@LakeCountySO

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