Ruff and tumble: puppy's hilarious attempt at a bark goes viral

Internet - Don't let Karl's size fool you! He might be a little puppy, but he's got a big bark – a bit too big for his own good, it turns out.

A drama in three acts: Karl the dog barks, then falls over.
A drama in three acts: Karl the dog barks, then falls over.  © Twitter/Screenshot/Collage/WeRateDogs

Thousands of Twitter users can't help but laugh at the adorable pooch and his silly antics.

The 10-second video published by WeRateDogs on November 25 went viral and already has almost 2 million views.

In the short clip, Karl is strutting around an apartment, looking good in a fashionable green cardigan. As if he realizes that he's being recorded by his owner, he trots over and sits down in front of her.

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"Hi," the woman behind the camera says, as Karl looks up to her with a cute look on his face.

Since it would be rude not to respond to the greeting, the dog lets out a short, sharp bark – and promptly falls over, blown away by the strength of his own voice!

Karl certainly has a good set of pipes on him. You could say he's a real "sub-woofer", but all those decibels are a bit too much to handle at the moment.

As his owner has a good laugh about the silly scene, her canine companion gets up and wanders away, looking a bit embarrassed.

Woof! Karl's bark is too strong for his own good

Plenty of Twitter users were giggling along with Karl's owner – and not just about his little mishap either.

"This is unbelievably cute but can we talk about the cardigan?" wrote one admirer, while another came up with a scientific explanation for what happened: "This is a clear example of Woofton's Third Law of Physics: Every woof has an equal and opposite woops."

Cover photo: Twitter/Screenshot/Collage/WeRateDogs

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