Runaway dog races to a track meet finish line and nearly breaks the world record

Logan, Utah – Usain who? Runners at a local track meet met their match when a four-legged ball of fluff escaped from its owner to show up the athletes and show off her Olympic level speed.

A dog named Holly escaped her owners at a high school track meet in Logan, Utah and immediately joined in on the race.
A dog named Holly escaped her owners at a high school track meet in Logan, Utah and immediately joined in on the race.  © Collage: YouTube/Screenshot/MileSplit (2)

A show-stopping dog named Holly stole the limelight away from relay runners at a high school track meet as she galloped to the finish line, beating them all.

The dog's impressive first-place feat didn't take the gold medal away from the runner who finished seconds after her, but her efforts didn't go unnoticed.

Starting out at the end of the pack for a comeback win can be difficult, but the odds against Holly didn't deter her.

When she broke free and joined the race, it didn't seem logistically possible for Holly to make it past each runner to speed to the end.

Yet the furry sprinter channelled her inner Usain Bolt as her leash dangled below. Once the canine turned on turbo mode, all bets were off.

According to the Daily Star, Holly finished her unexpected 100-yard dash in 10.5 seconds – just .7 seconds slower than Bolt's 9.8 second world record.

The race's front-runner, Logan High School student Gracie Laney, did not expect another competitor to creep up in her peripheral vision, given her substantial lead. Especially not a four-legged one.

The unexpected competition kept runners on their toes

Laney told the local media outlet KSL, "At first, I thought it was another runner and I was surprised because we had a pretty good lead."

She continued: "As it got closer, I thought, 'That’s too small to be a person,' and then I noticed it was a dog."

Holly's owner Kate Heywood told the Daily Star that she was warming up for a race herself when her family's dog escaped from her onlooking parents' grip and bolted onto the track.

Spectators in the stands were amazed by the dog's speed. In a video that captured the race, they begin audibly cheering louder as she closes in on the finish line to beat out Laney for the number one spot.

The four-legged speed demon could be en route to a bark-tastic, record-crushing future.

Cover photo: Collage: YouTube/Screenshot/MileSplit (2)

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