Thanksgiving miracle: dog and owner reunited after years apart

San Antonio, Texas - A dog owner and her long-lost pooch were reunited after seven years apart – all thanks to a microchip implant!

The owner and her dog reunited after seven years of being apart.
The owner and her dog reunited after seven years of being apart.  ©

An animal shelter in San Antonio, Texas, recently shared the incredible story of Honey, the dog who reappeared almost as if by miracle.

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services reported they thought the dog was a stray when they found her last week.

After they brought her in for a check-up, a microchip was unexpectedly discovered. "[It] was registered to someone who had adopted Honey many years ago," the shelter wrote on Facebook.

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When the shelter called to notify the owner, she could hardly believe it and immediately jumped in her car. While she was on her way to the shelter, the dog was still undergoing medical treatment.

A staff member then brought the dog into the room, slowly at first, to see if Honey would recognize her old owner. As soon as she saw her old canine companion, the woman "burst into tears."

The shelter employees were moved by the event. When they asked how long the two were separated, the response stunned them: Honey disappeared seven years ago!

The poor dog must have been living as a stray near San Antonio ever since. The woman had never found out what had happened to her beloved pooch and was ecstatic to see her alive and well.

Microchip led to the happy reunion

The story "truly shows the power of a microchip," the Facebook post read.

When they are adopted, dogs can be given microchip implants. These devices make it easier to locate the pet's owner in case the animal ever gets lost.

The chips are not mandatory. It's up to owners to decide whether to have them inserted. Unfortunateyly, vast majority of lost pets in the US don't have microchips.

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