This dog is terrified of slipping on the floor, so his owner found an adorable solution!

Internet - Floors have never looked so scary – at least not for Korey the Kanine.

Before and after: Korey won't walk on the hardwood floor without the appropriate footwear.
Before and after: Korey won't walk on the hardwood floor without the appropriate footwear.  © Screenshot/TikTok/Korey the Kanine

The TikTok famous service dog Korey doesn’t trust floors one bit. In fact, he'll even turn down a tasty treat if that means he has to take one step onto the terrifying surface.

In a TikTok video posted to his page, Korey is seen standing still as a statue on the rug, unwilling to budge for anyone or anything. Even when food is offered up, Korey couldn’t seem any less interested in moving from his position on the safe rug.

For a dog to be so unresponsive to any yummy goodness as a reward is odd, but there’s a semi-legitimate reason for Korey's reluctance.

His owner goes to explain that Korey once slipped on the hardwood floor and hurt himself quite badly. Ever since then, he’s been wearing socks or shoes inside the house to fight off the PTSD of that one, life-changing fall.

The paralyzed pooch really does seem to treat the floor like lava, as the clip's caption says, and he uses his puppy eyes to beg his mom to bust out his socks so he can move freely. As soon as Korey is decked out with his super fashion-forward bear-laden socks, he's ready to take on any and every surface in his path.

The sweet video earned an impressive 2.6 million views, as well as almost 680,000 likes, and many users gushed over the cute canine. One wrote, "that face when he wanted to come to you but couldn't...he's so adorable."

Another joked, "I think he needs a service dog."

For now, Korey will just have to make do with his cuddly and empowering footwear!

Cover photo: Screenshot/TikTok/Korey the Kanine

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