Traumatized dog rescued from brutal conditions in slaughterhouse

Vietnam - A dog named Stevie's life could have ended in a slaughterhouse but thanks to an animal welfare organization she hasn't just been rescued she's been rehabilitated.

Stevie the dog has made a whole lot of progress.
Stevie the dog has made a whole lot of progress.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Vier Pfoten

The animal welfare organization Vier Pfoten reported that a slaughterhouse in Vietnam where street dogs and cats were often killed, was closed for good in December.

An active local animal organization called Paws for Compassion was able to free all the animals in line for slaughter.

Many dogs, including Stevie, were rescued and nursed back to health. But each of these rehabilitation cases were fraught with struggles and took a lot of time and patience,

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Stevie was especially difficult because she was terrified of humans and insecure. Her demeanor wasn't all that surprising because she had been kept in a cramped cage for weeks and weeks. Every time her rescuers tried to touch her or give her a pet the dog barked and bared her teeth.

But as Vier Pfoten shared on Facebook after a few weeks the black furry dog has made huge progress. Now she doesn't just let her caregivers give her pets she really enjoys the attention.

The dog is still a bit shy, but animal welfare organization thinks that with time that too will subside. Hopefully Stevie will get a new forever home soon.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/Vier Pfoten

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