Twitter falls in love with adorable puppy and duck duo

Internet - There’s nothing much cuter than seeing a puppy making its first friend – especially if that buddy isn't what you'd expect!

This puppy is riding his feathered friend all the way to viral stardom.
This puppy is riding his feathered friend all the way to viral stardom.  © Screenshot/Twitter/Ad Infinitum

When you want to take a solid nap, you seek out the comfiest and most peaceful spot. This precious pup did the same, but the sport just so happened to the back of another animal. Thankfully, someone was on standby to film the achingly adorable scene.

In the clip posted by the Twitter account Ad Infinitum, the pup approaches a duck nestling on a porch with only one destination in mind: the soft, feathery back of his feathered friend. Climbing up the side, the tiny pooch claims his spot and makes it the perfect napping area to rest his little fluffy head.

The duck isn't totally sure of the puppy's intentions at first, turning its head to see what the little rascal is up to. But after it realizes that his new buddy only wants some snuggles, it decides to allow it.

As a way to say thank you, the pup wraps his little paws gently around the duck, a hug that probably cemented their friendship.

Like two peas in a pod, the duo sit still and enjoy the moment, as the puppy's eyelids begin to drop.

It just goes to show that being a different species altogether isn't a barrier to making a new buddy for life – or at the very least, finding a very comfy spot to take a snooze.

On Twitter, the video exploded to almost 500,000 likes and thousands of replies, many of which tried to immortalize the cute couple in cartoon form.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Twitter/Ad Infinitum

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